Full Rebuild Assembly... Not a cake walk.

Sooo.... The shifter drum is being a pain. I am worried that I am not getting it to seat right. Also when can I shift through the gears to make sure the transmission has been re assembled properly? 


Other then that, it seems to be going well? I have had the case apart and back together 3 times now... I am paranoid that I am not putting the tranny back together properly.


Than manual is vague and the youtube vids seem to be doing the exact same thing I am so... I am headed out to the garage again. Wish me luck. 





I had a little trouble the key is to make sure it seats good. It will go in and be flat and spin circular. If it wobbles it is not in right. The next is make sure the pawls go in and the retaining bracket sits flat. Once I got the drum correct and put the pawl assembly together atached to the bracket and used a screwdriver to compress the springs and the pawls slid right in and bolted her down. Also make sure the bike is in any gear other then neutral when putting this together.

Also my mainshaft and countershaft gears were flush with each other when I finally got mine together right it kept binding gears when free spinning the countershaft and I found a clip and washer missing and it fixed my problem. Also a source I used was. Gives very detailed specs. Hooe this helps


So... I got the bottom end completely re-assembled. Shifting... Doesn't feel right. My roommates 02 CR feels different then mine when I shift through the gears on his vs. mine. 


Somethings up.   : / 

Before you assembled did the gears spin nice and not bind up. They should also sound pretty quiet not whining or rub on any gears. The clearance is very tight and if the washers or collars are worn this will make shifting harder. If everything was good before then something is missing or wrong. Sucks I know just takes patience. When I finally got it right everything worked great before I even put the case halves together.

Just walked out, shifted through all the gears just fine... There wasn't any binding and it seemed to work fine. Weird. 

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Just walked out, shifted through all the gears just fine... There wasn't any binding and it seemed to work fine. Weird. 

Your bike is the female version. Just rub her gently before each ride. ;)

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Gosh, Im a train wreck again. Got the engine in the bike and went to put the chain on and can't find neutral. Aggghhhh!




I saw these in the manual. They probably meant something but they were not marked only arrows pointing to the main and counter shaft. 


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you are more then likly just over thinking it. breath when you are assembling it. it really is a cake walk as long as you dont over think it.

Meee?? Over thinking it? Thats probably it.

not that ive done a ton of bottom ends but the few that I ve done only went back together one way...right...by that I mean everything wouldn't line up right and case close unless I had the gear set back together right...also it seems that a dry tranny tends to be a lil notchy until it gets oil in it

Put trans oil in it. There is no way that it should as hard as it is to turn the wheel in neutral. Reading the manual as well as that walkthrough posted earlier and taking it apart again. Im too stubborn to take it to a shop but this will be the 4th time I will have disassembled it.


On a lighter note, Ill be a boss at doing rebuilds after this. 


: |  

How hard is hard to turn?

It doesn't spin freely in neutral. 

It should spin easy I turn mine by hand right now on the bench with ease.

I will say if you fire it up how it is and something is off you could cause major damage.

I don't mean to piggy back off this but I'm in the same boat as you. The previous owner of my bike used flat washers that are flat on both sides, washers that ARE NOT grooved for the spines and so on. I ordered all new washers and circlips. Does anyone have pictures of the gears and placement / direction they go? Mine spins freely and quietly in the case right now but I know for a fact one washer is missing completely. All the pictures I see are top views. I have seen the diagrams and read the manual and know the importance of all washers and circlips being placed in the correct direction. And yeah I took it apart and started replacing washers where they should be according to the book and once I did that man both shafts stopped spinning freely and quietly!

After case split # 5 I discovered that I swapped out a washer on the mainshaft and the countershaft. Seems to be good to go. Just have to finish some modifications to the airbox and I'll kick it over. Spins freely in neutral and shifts like it should. 


There is a link to the service manual in one of my other threads callen8365. LMK if you want it. 

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Did you do a pressure test after assembly. I was surprised by the leaks I found.



Has a few service manuals here. There is an 03 250 on that link. They could be a bit more detailed, but better then nothing. 

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