Dont know what is wrong with this TTR90 Carb.

Ok, so heres my issue. I have a little ttr90 just for fun little trail rides. I have a 125 for other things (love that bike, no issues yet!). But, I'm trying to take the ttr90 out for my friend to use, but something seems to be wrong with the carb. I pulled the carb apart, and I cant get the throttle cable out, so thats an issue. Some people say its a "needle valve" issue, But I have no idea what that means. I dont know if this is related, but my carb bowl also isnt filling up. I dont know if its a clogged fuel intake or what. Fuel runs from the petcock, but doesnt fill the bowl, I've filled the bowl manually through the drain and it starts and revs on max.


Any help? Really need to fix this bike soon.

Try pulling the fuel line off the carb and blowing a little compressed air into the carb fuel hole, sounds like your float needle may be sticking.

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