Trx400 muffler on xr250l?

So here's a question, my L came with a factory Honda muffler off of a trx400 on it when I bought it. I guess the old one needed replacing and the owners dad had one on hand. Would there be any performance gain compared to the factory xr muffler? I'd guess the 400 muff would be larger but I may be wrong. I just installed an xrs only header and wonder if I should purchase an exhaust kit to finish it off or if this muffler is a good match for it. After rejetting it seems to lack low end still but really picks up at about 4-5000 rpm

I should add I also did the pumper spring mod.

I think you could fairly assume that the bigger motor would flow more air and thus the exhaust would as well. The L's were fairly choked if memory serves.  Cheap and quiet upgrade on the stock 250 exhausts was using a xr350 insert, bigger, flowed better. Sure that's the same or more with the 400.  Headers on a small displacement bike (almost) always moves the powerband upstream. Loss of low end, better top end. 

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