Cylinder hosed

Hi guys,


Have not posted for a while but need some advice.


My KLX300 was smoking a little so I removed the engine and took it to my trusted repair shop. They have indicated that the cylinder needs to be "recoated". The total bill for this, a new piston, rings, gaskets, cam chain, labor etc. is just shy of $1k.


Is there anything I can do to cut this cost down? What's involved in this recoating process? What are my options? (replace the cylinder, get it rebored, sleeve etc....)


I was reading about big bore kits from Kustom Kraft. Anyone had any experience with big bore kits? Do you end up chasing endless performance issues after rejetting?



I would talk to bill blue at b&b cycle restorations. You can get a big bore for a fraction of that cost. I've nothing but good things about his work.

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