Broken gear while tightening gear box cover

Hey guys I broke a gear inside the gear box while I was tightening down the bolts to the cover on my 2001 suzuki RM80. I would like to know which gear it is and what the cost should be to buy the part. I'm not really sure which part to even buy. It's the gear all the way to the top right of the gear box when facing the right side of the bike. It seems to have some sort of stem attached to the backside of it with ball bearings behind the gear. I bought the bike used a month ago and still havnt gotten to take it for a ride. Frustration is setting in and I just need to find this gear so I can replace it. Anybody know which gear it is and where I can find one. Hopefully it's not expensive or difficult to replace. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks a bunch in advance guys -Dom





On my rm250, this was the governor. I would assume its the same on the 80. It should have linkage that goes up into the side of the jug.

Hope this helps!

Suzuki part number: 12670-02B41 GOVERNOR ASSY, EXHAUST VALVE

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Make sure that governor is locked into the actuator lever (pull up) this will better align it to the bearing in the cover. If that cover doesn't fully seat with your hand pressure something is not aligned and cover needs to come back off for a look see.

Thanks so much. Very helpful info. Guess I will by the new part and try again

Is this part typical specific to only 2001 rm80's or can any year or cc machine be a match? I'm kinda new at this stuff

Thank you!!

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