Van vs trailer

Which is the better way to transport bike/gear to the track? I have opportunity to buy an older van (work van), but not sure if it's better than a trailer.

Currently loading/unloading in pickup truck (short bed).

2 hours is usually the farthest I travel to races.


I've never had a van to haul dirtbikes, thought about it, if I rode alone or race a lot I would like it I think, but I have a 6x10 enclosed trailer,  I ride a lot with my wife and nephew, we have no problems hauling 3 full size bikes and a kx 65, all gear, and gas cans extra parts and tools, I built a shelf up front for gear bag helmets and boots, I favor the enclosed over my old flat bed trailer, load everything the nite before lock it up and your ready to head out in the morning.

also another thing to think about with an older van you could have mechanical issues that could cost.

Well, I have been using short bed(dakota, s-10) for the last couple years, and it's been fine, never wished anything different. my uncle has a van that he uses, it makes it nice for covering up your bikes, and anything else that you want to put inside, rather than keep it out. another idea is if you want to stay over night somewhere with 1 bike, you can through a mattress in there as well.

Vans are nice. You can fit more than you think. We've fit 3 fullsize bikes and a drz125 in a regular ford cargo van

I have a Chevy Av. but use a bike carrier on the back with the trailer hitch. Holds two bikes and is awesome.Got if from No maintenance, no wiring woes that I have always had with any trailer I have ever had. No tire issues etc etc. Vans nice but then I am stuck driving a van around getting sucky mileage and dealing with parking etc  Of course if you want to stay overnight at the track you have to tent it. ( I sleep in the back of the Av with the rear tops on and that  works fine). Ultimate is to pull a trailer with garage in the back but that is a big investment! I like to be a bit of minimalist when it comes to hauling as have limited funds and rather put the money into my bike or in travel to more places to ride!

Trailer for sure. Can be set up much better than something like a van. Better place to be in bad weather as well. You can lock your stuff up, lock down the trailer as well, then you're free to leave it when you need to.






Mine is set up to haul any of my bikes and gear to where ever I need to go.



i vote trailer, more room for mods and easier to sell if you want to upgrade to bigger...

photo (69).JPG

If you already have a truck and don't plan on parting with it, get a trailer. If you don't have room for a truck and trailer or want another car as a daily driver, get the van and sell the truck.

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