front brake levers

Where can I get the shorty style front brake levers for a 1999 WR 400. I bought the bike with them already installed, but need to replace. MSR makes a set but they don't list the wr 400 as an option only the yzf 400 will those work. Any other ideas are appreciated.

The stockers on my 01WR426 are pretty much shortys. They cost like 40 bucks though. But it's the same size as my MSR Raptor Shorty clutch lever.

Moose makes some but I have to wait until a store opens for me to order them. Couldn't find them online and the shops aren't open on monday's :) Anyway, I am going to measure the one I have now and see exactly how long it is and compare that to stock.

Oh and by the way that avitar of yours is way funny! Where did you find her?

If he lives in Chico, that picture was probably taken at the local park on a Sunday morning. They know how to party there... :)

My lever isn't like that. It is a little different set up. Mine is on a 99 wr 400 they must have changed perches or something. Mine was about 5 inches. So as long as I find something in that range I think it will be fun.

Avatar, I got it in an email and thought it was pretty funny, I am kicking myself for not saving the full size image.

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