2000 YZ250 - Broken subframe

Bought a 00 YZ250 and started tearing it down and noticed that the bolt holding the subframe to the frame at the top by the gas tank is broken(and got a new one).  After a little research I found out this is somewhat common(but please chime in), but then I get to the lower bolts and the subframe is broken on one side (pic below).  Should I look into getting it repaired or is it better to look into new subframes?



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Good ole ebay is your best source for a subframe,that's just my opinion.Hey,welcome to TT and good luck.

Does it look like it's been repaired in the past? It sort of looks that way to me, from what I can see. If it has, I would probably just find one on ebay and replace it. If it hasn't been repaired in the past, then perhaps I would give that a try first.

It doesn't look like it has been previously repaired, It was under some Works frame guard and dirty.  I suppose it's steel so finding someone to weld it shouldnt be that difficult.  Just zinc and paint it or will it need powder coated?


Thanks for the warm welcome and the eBay tip, I'll keep an eye out.  Which years will fit, 98-01?


Appriciate the help guys

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It's aluminum. I don't think a weld will work well on that spot. The frame holds the sub frame by clamping it tight on the lower bolts. The bolt itself is not what holds it tight. 


2000-2001 are the only aluminum ones that will fit.

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Well...Sh!t. That is really good to know, thanks.  eBay it is

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