Anyone know how to turn off REVIEWS


I pay extra to NOT look at ads on this site.  They just started posting PRODUCT REVIEWS on the right column.  Still ADVERTISING in my book.


Anyone know how to turn them off ?  The Bees don't returN my PMs...  maybe one of you IN THE CLUB guys can get an answer.


Thanks...  J-

Your club dues only turn off pop up ads. 



Well they turned off pop ups..   banners and side bars.  But now in place of side bar ADS I get sidebar REVIEWS...  ADS by another name.


No love I guess...  just the creep creep creep of commerce that I pay to not endure.  Not cool.

You know what really torques me??????? Paying big $$$$$$ for a cellular phone every month, and they send me unsolicited ads on my phone.

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