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baseline jettting FCR,Stage 2 hot cams, 3X3 mod,MRD SSW

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just got my MRD SSW in the mail and im ready to jet my bike 


got the 3X3 mod done 

39mm FCR carb its the TT kit 

hot cams stage 2 intake and exhaust 

MRD SSW exhaust with quiet insert 

im at 200 ft elevation  


also can you run the MRD with the spark arrester and quiet insert at the same time and not cut down on power? or is it so little that you'll barley notice ? (in California and need a spark arrester  legally)


just looking for a base line 


theres a 160 main in it now and I'm running a E header with a Yoshi slip on and its a bit rich 

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You won't realize peak power unless you run an open pipe.If your bike has a lot of miles on the acct you'll be better off setting up your new cams using a new cam chain and getting a mcct to keep them in-time without stretching the chain.


I have the TT kit and a Yosh TRC Ti race pipe and here's my set up for sea level:


3x3 airbox,open pipe-no insert





9mm float

NCYR needle

Clip 2

Merge APS spring

3/4 turn R&D flexjet extended fuel screw

No-Toil SM foam filter


Time the AP pump squirt so it barely misses the slide when the throttle is opened.Keep good notes and only tune one circuit at a time using small adjustment increments on a fully warmed up motor.

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Bike has 11k miles on it

Already have a mcct installed

Well I'll run it with just the spark arrester installed and see how loud it is

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