Front disc + guard info

Earlier this year I bought a new JT disc for my 07 kx, I always go with JT. It was listed for an 07 kx250 but trying to mount it there is one difference, the bolt holes are countersunk on the JT disc and on the stock disc they are flat. Maybe with different bolts it would work fine, but not with the stock bolts. Just thought I'd point that out for anyone who may get one, we did double check part numbers after and it matched up for the right bike. 

Anyone know if the kxf rotors are countersunk? I bought a different brand rotor right after and have been fine since, maybe the JT can be another spare with different bolts.


I also bought a Polisport front disc guard/cover. It was listed to fit an 07, but when I got it the barcode says 03-06, with the 06 being written in. It doesn't line up or mount on my 07. 

Were the front ends of the 03's and others different? If thats the case I have a front disc guard for anyone wanting one lol. On that note I also have an 03 gas tank with cap I don't need laying around if anyone needs one.


Hope everyones getting some good end of year riding in.  :thumbsup:







Sounds like some weird stuff especially concerning the disc guard as there should be two year groups for that as far as I know 03-04 and 05-07 and whoever wrote that on the package shouldn't have. I'd send it back.


As for the disc I guessing here but maybe you have the rear disc? cant remember if it's counter sunk or not. If not it's just plain old wrong.

And to the question about the KXF rotors being countersunk.. I've not had it off, but the rotor on my '09 doesn't appear to be flat mount.

The 03 guard wont fit the 04 without making a bracket for the furthest forward bolt hole. I know because thats what I had to do to fit it to my 04. I believe it will fit the 02 and 03 only.

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