2014 TE 300 or 2013 FE 501

Went to dealer all set on 13 or 14 te 300, but started looking at 501 now not sure. My last bike was an 06. Ktm 300 and I liked it. The 501 peaked my interest as maybe trying to dual sport it some.

For play riding mostly and some enduro and hare scrambles which will be the most fun?

What about resell when I'm ready?

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Really comes down to the 2T vs. 4T debate and personal preference. 


In my mind, the following are points in favor of the 300


1)  You can get away with riding like lunatic on two strokes. Charge fast down the rocky scary downhills and just attack things.  The light weight and light engine braking and manic power delivery encourages hard riding.  I go faster on 2 strokes.  If hare scrambles racing is the primary mission, 2T is my preference.


2)  Two strokes are simple to maintain and durable.  They don't get hot and boil over easily like 4 strokes either, even without a fan.


Points in favor of the 501.


1)  The engine will find traction and save you in the nasty stuff.


2)  I love the bark and feel of the traction on 4 strokes.  They feel like a freight train from hell and are simply more stupid fun to ride than 2 stroke.


The best solution is to have both types in the garage. My solution is to have the primary bike a 4T and to have an old CR250 in the garage for 2 stroke missions. After it rains and the world is tacky,  the 2T comes out  to play.  It is all good :)

I own a 2014 FE501 and I really like the bike but I tend to agree with "Duken4ever", if you are going to be racing 99% then the TE300 is probably a better choice but when it comes to riding at different paces (Race vs Recreation) the 4-stroke always seems like more fun to me and can still put out when I need it to.

I bought a 13' FE501 to dual sport and have been racing it all year, I like it allot more than I though I would and I'm a 4t hater, don't like the noise or the over heating, none of which are a problem on the 501.


I've owned and raced at least ten 300's since they came out, they can be a handful, the 501 still has all the torque but not the instant 50 hp of the 300, the 501 is a little more of a gentlemen with a big stick.


I got to ride a new 450xcw with the suspension done yesterday, I'm glad I bought the 501, it's the first bike I may keep around more than a year.       

I run a KTM 500, it's simply the best all round bike made IMO, does everything great except hard-core gnarly trails where the power and weight can be a handful. The Rekluse is a nice addition.

That being said I have a 250 2t that I use exclusive for racing and the gnarliest of the gnar.

Like others have said, unless you like it stupid technical or race, the 501 is a great option...

Ok I did it, picked up a 2014 TE300 this afternoon. Genuine Dirt Racers in Wilkesboro NC was awesome. Bike was set up prepped and ready to go when I got there. Going to be a short day at office tomorrow and off to track.

      congrats on the new bike,post a pic if you can,did they change the speedometer?

Pics or it didn't happen....

congrats on the new bike,post a pic if you can,did they change the speedometer?

What issue have you had if any with the speedometer?

it works great,could be just a tad larger so i can see it better while riding.

Sorry for the slow response, been busy riding the new Berg. But yes it did happen and here are the pics!ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382746514.991786.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1382746527.895908.jpg

Yes it does have new speedo, and a few other sweet items! Really like it so far, about 4.5 hours on the clock.

sweet! could you post a picture of the speedometer?

Yes i will post a pic of the speedo.

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