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Racing pics + Update

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Thought I would share some pictures from the later part of the race season. I have fallen in love with my kx250! I am putting down faster lap times on my home course then I ever did on my KTM's and am feeling comfortable everywhere on the bike. It's been nice to show myself that you don't always need a brand new 2013 machine to be competitive and win.


I was running 2nd overall in Pro for our Canadian series and was hoping to get that Pro championship that has been eluding me the last few years. Unfortunately with a few rounds left in the series I managed to do some nasty breaks in my right foot and ankle. Bummed to miss out the the last races here and the Endurocross rounds I was setup for doing. I have been making good progress with healing. I had surgery after the crash, my ankle and foot were dislocated and had shattered bones. Can't wait to get back on the bike!


























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Took a few weeks but got back in the gym to do what I could







Motograffix.com send me up this awesome set of graphics for when I'm back at it!






And a friend made this for me with a water jet machine.






Heres me on the KX first time in print this year






Me and my better half before the injury







A picture I took on an outing where I just went to explore and have fun instead of my usual training mentality









Hope that wasn't to many pictures! If anyone has facebook and is interested in seeing more I keep mine updated, feel free to ad me (Malcolm Hett). Thanks for checking them out!




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That's awesome dude, thanks for sharing. Keep your head up, you'll be back out there before you know it. I'll send you a FB request too.

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Great pic's and I really like the work your friend did with the water jet machine.Sorry about the accident, (been there,done that) but it appear's that a lot of the good thing's in life are on your side.Thumb's up to a quick recovery and staying healthy.

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Thanks for the comments guys. I've comeback from worse injuries before, I'l make a good recovery!



Good to see you out (prior to injury) doing good things on that "old" KX250.  :thumbsup:


Liked all the pics. Send more! 


Here's a few more pictures for ya.



My Birthday present for her on Monday.





Bottomed out less then 24 hours after buying my kx!





Family sport





My sister on my KX and me on her 2013 Berg 250






She used to ride green years ago too






And just for fun, my dads Mustang he had back when he was my age. Anybody here ever have any type of muscle car?



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I've had several throughout the years, but they were newer "muscle". First up, 01 GT: mostly stock besides exhaust and Saeen wheels.

Next up, 05 GT: Full exhaust, intake, Hot Rod cams, suspension, custom tune, Saleen wheels
In race trim:

And my favorite, True Blue 2003 S281. Beautiful car with only 16k miles on it. Never even saw a drop of rain while in my care. I really miss that car.....


And I really like this one of it in front of my Engine.


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