New cylinder or replating?

I just seized the top end in my 2013 YZ250. I'm wondering if I should buy a brand-new cylinder and piston to match. Or if I should send my cylinder to Eric Gorr, to have it re-plated, Power valve service, to fix my head, and maybe to have it ported and polished. Any ideas or experience with either?

It all boils down to funds.  New cylinders for Yamahas run around $500 but you'll have it in 3-4 days.  Replates can restore a cylinder to like new for $200 but take 2 weeks.  I had to buy a new cylinder for my bike because previous owners sleeved it.  Otherwise I would have opted for the replate though I have reservations about ever using US Chrome again (the last cylinder I sent to them ate pistons at an amazing rate).

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My head is damaged also. Would I be better off sending it to Eric for repair?

I've had really good luck with getting my cylinders re-chromed in the past, but I think I used Millenium Technologies. I'll have to check my notes.

Eric works for millennium tech now so the man works at the plater. Me personally would try out one of esr's 325 kits unless you race and hace cc restrictions. What caused the cylinder to be damaged. I ran my uz way past the service limit with no issues or weird noise. Maybe I was just lucky.

New cylinders for Yamahas run around $500 but you'll have it in 3-4 days.




Where are you buying? I got my last OEM cylinder brandnew from Partzilla for US$ 348.  I also had some problems with Millenium.

Yeah I would love too have one of those kits for pit riding. But I race in the 250 and the 450 class. So the most I can do is to get it ported and polished... For racing. I don't want too beat anyone on a cheater bike. But if I only raced the 450 class I would think about it.

Eric said it would cost around 600 too fix everything and to get it ported and polished. I think I may try him first. But I would like too have an extra cylinder...

Generally aftermarket plating is much more durable than OEM. The oem plating has been known to chip right above the exhaust port. if it were me I would have millennium tech replate it. Theyve done mine 2 times with zero issues. Send them the piston your are Going to put in it as well and they will plate it to match your new piston dead on. And if u want the power placed a little differently then porting from Eric gorr would be nice. I know I'm probably goin to have him do the "mo betta" porting on mine.

I would personally get it replated and get the head repaired. It's amazing what eric can repair. But honestly it will cost $600 for the repair and port and polish, or $660 for the 295 which includes boring and replating, head machining and powervalve modification for the 72mm bore, as well as porting to your choice and fuel choice.

You get more bang for the buck with the 295 for $60 more. Just something to think about

I was just in the same boat as you and I wanted to send the old cylinder off for porting then plating however I was too antsy and needed to ride so I ended up buying all new oem and I am happy with it. Now I can send the old cylinder off and have porting and plating done and have a complete stand by for the next major rebuild. If you can wait the few weeks for sending it off to have it replated I would go that route.

Pro circui also does excellent engine mods as well especially for mx applications. From people who have had the yz done they say it is a monster up top and a lot smoother down low to mid. The yz engine is great to begin with.

How much would it cost to do all this work through pro circuit vs. getting it done through Eric gorr? Have you had experience with pro circuit?

You would have to call pro circuit for pricing. I have not had any work perforned from them but have heard norhing but good reviews. I did personally just have my cylinder replated and the head cut for race feel by millenium tech who said eric would be the one doing the head work. My head was damaged due to extreme detonation which broke a piece off my piston and damged the cylinder and head. I have found the piston to wall clearance tighter then I would like even after they had my piston for measurements so I will let you know in a week or two when I fire her up if she grenades again. My head looks good but if I compare mine with pics of the pro circuit head mine doesnt look nearly as good and this doeant mean it wont work good or hetter then the pc in my opinion the pc machine work looks better and more refined.

didnt you already have a thread about this ? geesh. and how do you blow up a new bike anyways. nevermind i dont wanna know :smashpc:

I know the pro circuit work is pricier, if I remember correctly the porting alone is $325 or $350, and that's for a stock bore 250. The best bang for the buck is eric gorr/millennium tech. I've used him many times and he even warrantied a 295 cylinder for me 1 year and 9 months after the purchase. Most companies would not do that. Very good customer service and you can always reach him on the phone.

The head gasket failed and it got water in the cylinder. It sucks

That stinks man I hope you get it going soon.

I hope I get it going soon also. But at this point I'm just getting in shape for next year. Winter is right around the corner for me. I'd be able too ride it for two weeks if I got it fixed.

The worst part about it was that I drove 2 hours away to practice and it blew up 5 laps around. I'm just thankful it didn't seize over a big jump

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