Green Sticker

Is anyone else pissed off that the YFZ450 gets a green sticker, but the WR450 gets a red sticker? They have the same engine! :D :D :D

I say we should be past trying to reason with these CARB idiots. I think we should just kick thier ass! :)


I agree - this makes no sense.

That is absolutely crazy! What is going on? Does anyone have the real answer?

It,s a crapshoot with Ca. DMV

They don't know what there doing.

Two out of four of my bikes should be red,

But for me they gave me Green for all 4 of our toys.

Woo hoo!


Don't get too excited. The DMV is much better now at determining which bikes get green and which get red.

First of all, if your bikes are 2002 or older, they are supposed to have green stickers. Second, if your bike is supposed to have a red sticker and some DMV knucklehead gave you a green one... that won't stop you from getting a ticket. The Rangers know the 8th digit trick and they know which bike is supposed to have a green sticker. You won't be fooling anyone.


Jim bo is right. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the eigth digit. On a side note for those of you that have 2002 older bikes, you have 32 days to dual register them in California.

Just got my plate for my 2001 426 last week. Good luck!


Hey Tom14911, I have two green sticker 2002s. I want to get them plated for the future, but, I do not need the plates now. My son is not old enough to drive. I have a couple years still. Can you start the process without buying the dual sport kits? What is involved? Thanks for any advice :)

To plate your bike in CA:

Must have dual sport kit attached to bike and inspected by certified brake and lighting shop. (Typically dealership) They will sign a statement of facts (DMV form) basically stating that your bike meets the requirements of the CHP 888 form.

This form, available at your local office, lists the requirements for lighting, etc. for an on-highway motorcycle.

With the signed statment of facts, proof of insurance, and your title go to DMV and ask for the plate. Be prepared to pay. (mine cost 72.oo but I think annual will be right at 50.00) Ensure that you DUAL register your bike. This means every two years you will still pay for a green sticker and every year you will pay registration for the plate.

You must have the sticker still even though you have the plate, don't worry the money goes to a good cause.

Finally this applies to green sticker bikes ONLY. 2002 and older and 2003 newer with the 8th digit of the VIN not a "C" or "3"

ANy questions? Good luck


Sorry, Jim bob is wrong. The 2003 WR450 is a red sticker bike and the 2003 YZF450 is green. There is no 8th digit trickery. Somehow the YZF450 is classified as a greed stickered ORV.


Would you mind telling me what the 8th digit of your VIN is? I'm curious, I was under the impression that Yamaha was not going to pay for the CARB certification.

Thanks, Tom


First of all... it is Jimbo, not Jim bob. Second, you are the one who is wrong! The 03 WR 450 is red stickered (I know, I have one). The YZF450 is red stickered also! It is the YFZ450 that gets a green sticker. The YFZ450 is a quad.

My original post pointed out that the YFZ450 (quad) has the same engine as my WR450, yet it gets a green sticker and my bike gets a red. This is idiocy at its best. I was only pointing out that California is a bonehead state with boneheads at the helm.


I will let all of you Know!! i just registered my bike yesterday and when i get my stricker (they were out) I will let you know if it's green or red! I believe it's going to RED!

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