Easy way to install piston in cylinder?

I'm doing the big bore kit install and before I actually start I went through the process of installing the piston with the rings attached and I found it hard to fit the piston within the cylinder without screwing up the orientation of the ring gaps.

Any tricks to make it easier from people who have done that? I'm thinking if it's hard to do it on the bench yeeeesh doing it on the bike will be harder for sure.

Ron W.

Well its simple. You can use a ting compressor or just get a mate to hold the rings in while you slide the jug down its simple uv done the hardest job of putting the circlips in there little bastards


Rjsurfer , It can be simple like super said , but it can be a pain aswell . Make sure you pack the crankcase with rags , so you dont lose anything down into it . If you can , get a mate to help with the rings , it is difficult holding them in and sliding the barrel over the piston at the same time , but not impossible . And watch out for the circlips , they can take off at a massive rate of knots . Mine did , it went right past my right eye , so I would advise a bit of protective gear for that ( glasses ) . I did the mototune breakin on mine and it flies and has had no problems in 3 years . After I had done the run in , I dropped the oil , and I could not believe the amount of what looked like carbon on the magnetised sump plug . The nikasil barrel must lose a quite a bit when it beds in , so I would advise you do an oil change aswell , you dont want all of that floating around . One important piece of info is to check the cam followers before you reinsert the cams . If at any time you have turned the head over and you still have them insitue , they may come out a fraction and let the shim dislodge . This could cause a valve to drop and wreck the entire motor . All in all if you are familiar with fourstroke motors , it is simple and straight forward to do . Just take your time and do some research , there are/were some good tutorials on here about doing the big bore , good luck , greg ( and welcome to the club )  :thumbsup:

I fit one clip to the piston on the right side , I make sure the pin slides into the piston correctly and then remove it .

Then I fit the rings to the piston , ring gaps staggered , then I fit the piston into the cylinder . Making sure the arrow marked on the piston in facing forwards . The piston is inserted into the cylinder so that the hole for the piston pin is exposed.

Make sure a new base gasket is in place and the dowels , I have someone hold the cylinder and lower it as I make sure the cam chain guide and cam chain are in the correct position .

The cylinder is lowered to a point where the piston pin can be inserted through the con rod . With plenty of rags protecting the crank case entry , I insert the 2 clip into the piston and lower the cylinder fully .


that sounds hard?  never even contemplated that method  


you guys should  try a 3 piston  one piece  cylinder   bank

Been there done that , had a laverda 1200 for 24 years . Have even done a honda 750 four . Imagine doing the rings by yourself on a cbx 1000 honda six cylinder , gulp , greg  :smirk:

I owned a CBX 1000 , shimming one was bad enough ... 24 valves

Thanks for the the tips, round two starts this morning. Yesterday was spent trying to take everything apart, got as far as the head but it seems glued down:-) Will use a bigger hammer today.

Ron W-

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