Vee Rubber tire delamination

Has anyone else had this issue? I have a brand new VRM-300 that I love, but after only about 4 hours of aggressive  trail riding it's cracking all along both sidewalls. Anyone else seen this happen? It's the front tire and I run about 10 PSI.  

Tires are junk from factory imo, they aren't made to last anymore, just gonna have to live with it. my front tire, that is just now 1 year old, isn't cracking, but I lost a knob, completely from the core, and it was blamed on the terrain, which isn't logical, because I road on terrain that is know to 100% destroy knobs, didn't loose one knob after 6+ hours of riding on that type of terrain. so in my honest opinion, they are junk anymore.

its hard to believe your having problems with such a high quality tire, those things cost some money too i think they are like 30 bucks a pop

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