Yz450f kickstater

Get guys I have a 2003 yz450f that I flat track an ice race the other day I went to kick start it an the kick starter was stuck down so I pulled the kick starter assembly an found that the shaft an the rachet gear were both busted. Anyone else see this???

I haven't seen this, wut I do is every 15 hrs of riding I take the kickstarter off the spline and apply grease to the external pinion gear.. then install kickstarter with locktite.

Stick to this regiment you shouldn't have issues like this in the future

The '03 had a problem with that as a matter of fact. It was addressed shortly after the start of the '04 model year. A new kick starter assembly from Yamaha will be the newer stronger unit.

Thanks for info! This is my first yamaha for ice racing. An when I went to look at it I could barely kick it over, Iam not a little guy either are these bikes always a pain to kick over? It likes alittle throttle to fire but if it doesant start the kick starter really bites you!! Lol. Has a ton if mods cld that be the reason. Fuel is a 110 renagade

As far as starting goes, my '03 always liked just a tiny bit of throttle when it was cold, but you are in a much colder environment.  You should consider bumping the starter jet to a larger size, even if you've already gone to a larger pilot.  I believe the stock starter is around a #70; I'd try an 80.


The other thing that may not be helping is the fuel.  You have no need whatever of that much octane unless you're running more than 13.5:1 compression.  Race fuels will usually give you a little power gain even if you don't really need the octane to avoid detonation, but depending on how the fuel was blended to boost the octane, some HO fuels can make the bike hard to start in really cold weather.

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