04 crf 50 shifts pattern 3 down not up?

I bought a used crf 50 with what looks like quit a bit of use on it and the thing shifts 3 down instead of up. All my buddies kids bikes are 3 up does any one know why or how this can happen and how to fix it ,everything seems to be stock but it does look like it may have been apart before. Any help would be great thanks.

early honda z50's had a all down shift pattern that stopped sometime in the mid 80s. Either someone swapped out the shift mech or entire engine. What are the engine #s?

The numbers are abo2e-5403207 thanks for the reply.

Those numbers come back as an '83 Z50R, which would be a 3-down shift pattern. Take off the left side ignition cover and post up a pic of the flywheel area, to determine if it is a 6V points-type engine, or a 12V CDI-type engine.

Here is the picture you asked for. It being an 83 ,will the cylinder ,head, and piston be the same as the newer xR/crf ? I had already ordered them. Again thank you for the help


The only thing that is the same is the cylinder, the head and piston are different than the XR/CRF50 ones. The '83 has a different piston dome and head combustion area design than the XR/CRF. You have to use the complete XR/CRF top end (cylinder, piston, and head) on the '83 lower end.


Also, that is a 6V points-type ignition and flywheel.

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OK it should all work out then thanks a lot for the help!!

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