KTM 2-stroke SX bikes, are they really special in some way?

Hi all, I'm going to get an MX bike. I'm 5' 9'' tall, 172 lbs, and I have about 40 hours of track experience with 2-stroke enduro bike (CRM250R). Now I want to move on into MX at least for this winter and probably next summer.

So I've examined some 125cc 2-strokers, that's what I'm probably going to buy because of my budget and riding skills. Most interesting were 2004' Yamaha YZ125 and 2006' KTM 125SX.  

Yamaha is probably a better deal - good condition, needs less to invest, it was a mid-skilled girl who have ridden it, hobby rider. According to tech specs Yamaha and KTM 125cc bikes are pretty similar. But I often hear that KTM are totally different, more powerful and technically advanced, "in the class of its own" etc. And as I see KTM bikes in comparable condition are a bit more costly than Yamaha and other competitors.

Are they worth it?

I haven't had a chance to try KTM on track yet, but I've tried Yamaha, and for me it runs very well.

Buy the Yamaha you will not be disappointed. Ktm has stepped up there game in the last few years a lot. I find the older ones to be a bit quirky. The parts are expensive and way harder to find. You will not notice a difference in power between the 2.. To my knowledge I have never heard anyone say a ktm 125 is far superior.

Being in Russia, I would think that parts for the ktm would be a lot easier to get. Between the yz and sx, there's not much a difference.

KTM is really making an effort to promote their products in Russia, but actually Yamaha and KTM parts are equally expensive and not guaranteed to be in stock. So I mainly count on ordering parts from ebay and european market.

Having worked on older KTM's and owning 2 07's, I wouldn't own anything older then a 2009. They did a lot of changes between 06 and 09, even more in 2011.

Yamaha hasn't made any changes since 2006... so if you can find an 06 YZ125, thats what I'd buy.

I have owned both the KTM 125SX and the YZ125.  Both are great bikes and whatever you choose will should be a blast.


My opinions, YZ has much better suspension, but the SX felt like it had a more powerful engine all the way through the RPMs.  Suspension in my mind goes before the power.  Sure going fast is important, but I feel much more stable on the YZ.  Whatever you do, make sure you get the right spring rates in the forks and the rear shock for your specific weight and correctly set the sag or get it set by someone, WORTH IT.


If they are both in good condition and replacement parts are similar in price over there, pick a color and have fun.  I like blue :thumbsup:

Finally got YZ125... It seems to be more of 2003 (frame number CE10C-...). Nice!e4xyKBz4R-k.jpg

Looks like a clean bike, good luck. A 144 kit and a porting really wakes these bikes up if you plan on going that route. I have dealt with Eric Gorr plenty of times in the past with 144 kits and they work great.

The parts are expensive and way harder to find.

Since when?

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