Clutch basket removal tool for '84 XT250. Which one to use?

Hey Guys,

Im currently replacing my cam chain and I'm required to remove the clutch basket / housing. i don't own a 'clutch holding tool' so i'm looking to source one. I see plenty of these listed on auction sites however I'm a bit confused as to which one to purchase. 


Does any one know which tool i should be searching for. The tools that refer to my model bike has the part number 'CT008'. Can anyone confirm if this is the right tool for my model bike?

The model i own is a 1984 XT250T DOHC (Australia) same motor as the TT and the SRX of the same year. I believe that the clutch assembly is the same as the one in the 350.


Any suggestion or assistance would be great.



Couldn't you simply twist up a shop rag and allow it to jam between the gears ?


That's worked for me in the past .

That is the right tool for that bike, the rag trick is worth a go but mine on the TT 250 was way too tight. I have that tool you could borrow it but the postage would kill you i think depends where you live. There are other options, the universal clutch holder tools would work too and then you have something you can use on other jobs if i was doing it again i would get one of these.   

Hey guys,


Ive tried the rag trick but the bolt holding the clutch boss is way to tight and there is still slippage between it and the clutch housing. I have heard of the universal clutch holder tool but i do not know where to source one. Im guessing my local motorcycle mechanic? Can't find one on-line anywhere. Maybe someone can't let me know?


Thanks for the fast reply guys.




Ps Tanis Im in Melbourne, Australia. 

Thanks Tanis,


Ill be purchasing the 008 clutch tool. Thanks for the great feedback. What a great resource thumpertalk is.


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