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81 CR 250 kicker shaft help please!

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Im rebuilding  this scoot,came to me in boxes,

Biggest concern is the previose owner damaged the kikker shaft,took it in to try repair it and the repair shop lost it.

I lossed out on a replacement on e/bay a short while back,.so im looking still,

thing is the 450CR kicker is the same..which is all well and good,so theres an option.

I notice there are a few about for the 82' & 83' models..which from pics look similar yet honda's part numbers are not the same...so does anyone know if there is at all a difference?

The return spring seems from pics to be the same,but can the shafts be much different.


Im based in Namibia(next to South Africa) and  the exchange rate situation because of our useless currency as to the USD  (and also shipping charge) makes it extremely  hard on the pocket..

I see there is a 81' shaft available,but at 170$ without shipping costs ..its a tadd steep..whereas the 82/3' are about 50 $

Any insight from an expert appreciated.or if someone knows of one lying about.some where at a reasonable fee.

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