2002 exhaust for sale

I will be getting my thunder alley pipe in 2 weeks IM doing the BK mod in a few days.The stock pipe was used once in perfect cond.I will keep you guys posted on the performance of this setup :D:)

How much?

175 bucks buyer pays for shipping

I will sell it for 150 dollars,need cash for christmas

h bomb,

Please keep us posted as to what the status of the BK mod does for your bike. There has been some conflicting responses w/ the 02's and am curious. I live just south of Mission Viejo and we should hook up some time. I know there are alot of other TT guys here in south county.


Does this include both the headpipe and the silencer?

I decided to get my suspension done first.So I wont be selling my exhaust for about a month.Sorry about that guys :)

I for one can tell ya, the BK Thunder Alley combo is brutal (on my 01 426). It's amazing the difference you'll feel. This bike is an absolute animal now. Nuff said.

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