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Couple questions about add on stuff

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First...there are a ton of aftermarket rear racks. I don't want something huge or complicated. Keeping the fender shape would be nice.

What's the lightest small(er) rear rack you guys have found?

Right now I don't really want to go all out and replace the headlight so any suggestions for bulbs that are brighter than stock? Looks to be a little bit of a PITA to replace the bulb!

Handlebars -- I've got a brand new Pro Taper Contour CR hi bar and adapters. Can I use these on the S? The bar ends (weights?) are throwing me off.

Sorry to be such a girlie noob but I am new to the DS scene... I came from a Vulcan 900 and rode a crf150f for a couple weeks and then traded it. Way too small for me. I can tiptoe easily on the Z woohoo :p

Thank you all in advance.

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