Parting out '97 XR250

The bike was mostly complete minus a taillight and kickstarter. Seized up now so if you need something PM me. We will negotiate a price and you pay shipping. Thanks


Will the front forks be compatible with my 89' xr 250?

Not sure, but the triples and front wheel might

Um, I'll bite.  How's the plastics, rear brake master and caliper.  How about your odometer cable?  Got an aftermarket slip on by any chance?  Air filter?  Tank? 


Just picked up a 2001 r and it could use a few things.  Maybe pm would be the best way to proceed. 



Kyleanegus have sent you PM ;)


have a look thanks

I am in need of head to cyl bolts and washers, and cyl to case bolts and washers, head light and mounting bracket, kick stand with hardware, shifter linkage. Air filter spring element holder

Just received my parts from Kyle.  Was a good deal! 


If you need a part for your xr250, check him out!


Thanks again, Kyle!

Still available:


Stator cover

Flywheel cover

Complete rear wheel w/ sprocket and rotor



Rear shock



Front wheel

Front brakes

Bottom end.


Throttle and clutch cable

PM me for more details

And a brand new oem carb

Carb, stator and cover & rear shock are sold as well as the cam chain tensioner

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