2002 YZ125 Front Wheel Compatibility

Hello, I have a 2002 YZ 125. I noticed a little bend on my front rim, probably from a log while running low pressure. I plan on either buying just a new rim and lacing the wheel myself using my truing stand, or buying a new front wheel before the next race season begins. I was wondering if the YZ250, or YZ250F had the same front wheel as the YZ125 in 2002? I know that was a year change and I think they are still using that same front wheel (2002-2014). I see a lot of YZ250 front wheels for sale for around $100, but was not sure if it would straight "bolt on". Thanks in advanced. 

Sept2013 Bike.jpg

I'm almost positive that the big change was in '09, where they went with a larger axle. Other than that, I've switched between many, many years of Yamaha's with only a spacer change at most.

Right On! Thank you much. New to the site and I haven't had a chance to explore much. It was late last night and had that on my mind. Appreciate it a lot. 


In all honesty I could probably pound the dent out with a dead blow hammer and then throw it in the truing stand. With coming across so many complete wheels used for only $100 on ebay and such, I want to grab an extra wheel just to have at the track with me. Thanks again. Very helpful guys. 

I have a 2011 yz250 front wheel  90 + shipping if you are interested


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