Rebuilt 96 YZ125

Finally finished my rebuild after killing the crank back in mid august. Took it completely apart, rebuilt the top and bottom end, did some painting and cleaning as well as new graphics. Doesn't look new but I'm more into riding than rebuilding anyway. Don't want to do that again for a while. I haven't started it yet. Just going to enjoy looking at it for a while in case it blows up when I do. :lol:



Looking Good! Just take your time and break it in properly. Go through the warm up, cool down sessions. I just put a new sleeve and top end in mine this past August. 

Looks sharp!! Same graphics kit I put on my 400f. I love em. I'm about in the same boat as you. My 400 came in to my possession in total crap condition and it looks great now. So great I don't want to screw it up!!

I fired it up yesterday. Started 2nd kick. Ran for about 5 minutes then quit. I kicked about 100 times adjusting this and that....nothing. I pulled the plug and it was wet. I dried it and tried again, still nothing. I pulled the plug and put in another. I couldn't figure out why the plug wire would not snap onto the new plug. It turns out the first plugs electrode had unscrewed and was snapped into the plug wire. Don't ask me how that happened but that was the whole issue. I removed the electrode from the plug wire and snapped the wire onto the new plug. Instead of kicking it again I decided to walk it up the street because I live on a hill. I was able to start it that way and clear everything out. Once it cleared, it ripped. I took it around the neighborhood and then shut it off and let it cool. I restarted it later and it started first kick. I took it around the neighborhood again and it ran great. I did not really even get on it and it wanted to pull the bars out of my hands. Can't wait to get it on the trails again! :ride::thumbsup: 

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