2005 ttr125 carb help

I am getting my wifes bike running after sitting for a while and gas going bad. I have fresh gas in it, 17.5 pilot jet, 105 main jet, 2.25 out on the pilot screw. It is starting an idling great but hesitates if I hit the throttle quickly and bogs alot if I ride it, I've cleaned the carb twice including all jets and sprayed them all with carb cleaner and poked fishing line through everything. It did not run like this before sitting. I am at a loss at where else to go on this and am frustrated. Nothing has changed since last season and it ran great. This bike has never given me grief like this before. Any ideas?

try replacing all the jets with new ones. its really hard to clean the jets properly due to their small size.

first you need to know where your jetting issue is at:




once you figure out where the issue is, you can resolve the issue.  could be the pilot, the main, the needle, the fuel screw setting, valves, air leak, etc

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