Dyno jet stage 1 and "daves mods"

so i got a 2007 honda xr 650l mods are DG slip on pipe, K&N high flow air-filter, IMS smog block off kit, and a dyno jet stage 1 jet kit. 

For some reason the bike pops on deceleration, i have heard guys say that after the smog block off kit the popping stops but mine started after i installed it. i have not touched the carburetor to fix it yet because i am not really sure how i should go about it any help PLEASE!!


I also have another question ive heard alot of guys say they love the "Daves mods" for the lean XR how much of a difference would i see if i did the "Daves mod" along with my already installed stage 1 jet kit, and would this solve any of the popping noises on deceleration.


Hope somone can help 


Problem is,,the dynojet kit does not come with a pilot jet.........you can either turn your fuel screw out a little..or up the pilot jet one size....



If the only change you made was the smog block off kit and then it started popping on deceleration then you should check to make sure the vacuum line that went to the smog pump from the carb is properly plugged and not causing a vacuum leak.

that is going to lean out the carb.

+1 on getting a bigger pilot jet.

I have 2012 XR650L, mine started popping after installing the smog block off as well. It ran just fine, but definitely did more popping through the exhaust after the mod. I have since installed a Uni filter and a FMF "Q" slip on. I ordered the dyno jet kit. And a 55 pilot jet. I drilled the slide and ground the mixture screw just like Dave's mod, when I installed the duno jet, sprinf for the slide, and needle. She no longer pops and throttle response is really good. Not sure you'll get the same results, but I'd give it a try.

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