cr500 vs kx500

So I have been looking at getting a different bike in the future. I am liking the cr500s, but what about the kx500? I am not concerned about which one is faster, I am mainly concerned about which one is more reliable, and what they have for issues that I may not know about. Just looking for some input. Thanks!

They are both great bikes. Honestly its which one you think looks better. Kx was a powervalve motor and does make more power. I think the hondas have more of a cult following but in my honest opinion I like the kx motor better. You can find aluminum frame conversions on both. If you are getting save a little extra and get one of those as both stock chassis are very outdated both of which had no ergo updates since around 89.

I owned a CR500 and 2 KX500's. The KX's are faster and easier to ride if that makes sense, but I think the build quality is better on the Honda. Not that my KX's ever left me stranded. Things just seemed to be better thought out on the Honda with the fasteners and those sorts of things. Sure miss the seats on those old 500's. All day comfortable if you can stand the vibes. Get the one in the best condition.

Cr500, better design tranny with fewer problem then Kx 500. Yes honda put more though into there designs. A good example is to change the crank seals on the KX you have to split the cases.

No PV on cr so maintenance is easier.

Cr power is all low to mid power with little to no top end. KX with its power valve has broader power spread with more top end then the cr

Kx cylinder is plated. Cr is steel bore

CR has better, more up to date ergonomics, which to me are better for Mx or trails

Kx is very stable at speed, and well known for its desert wins.

Last year of production 01 for cr, 04 for Kx.

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Love them both. My Honda has brought me to hell and back without a failure. I even got t-boned by a sportsman atv. The atv was out of commission. When I came to, my bike was STILL RUNNING laying on her side. The pipe was slammed shut right at its expansion chamber. Got me home with a second degree shoulder separation, and bruised ribs from the bars. Personal experiences makes me a biased Honda lover!

the kawi is ugly as all hell and feels real wide like your riding a fat chic. cr is much slimmer in comparson . theres a reason you see 10 cr's for every 2 kx's. its just a better machine all the way around  

Thanks for the replies! I am leaning towards the cr, but I have heard a lot of good things about the kx, so I'm still on the fence.

I have had both, & my preference was the cr, but both are great bikes, as said I found the cr better thought out.

I have riddin many 500s in my day, and both the kx 500 and the cr 500 are great bikes, but I do believe the cr is a little better IMO.

Given the same use the Honda will hold up better & be easier to maintain. 

Not to mention the weak KX oil drain plug casting, when I bought my last 01 CR500 I looked at several KX500 and most had oil leaks at the oil plug, some had attempted repairs as evident by the epoxy around the cracked casting or plastic sealing washers to try and hide the stripped plugs.  If you go KX better see that drain plug removed first.  Casting is too thin for a decent repair, new 1/2 case is the only fix and it wont last since its the same weak design.

I have too many bikes but I'm tempted to get either a cr 500 or a kx 500 too. So many bikes so little time, money and place to keep them . There's a few that look great on craigslist and there's one kx that the motor has been totally gone through and has been racetech revalved. The plastics , seat etc. need some upgrading though..but that's nothing... check out the front tire . It's an interesting choice.


Here's a nice kx 500 vid.


Here's a couple of cl cr 500's that just came up. They don't have these come up very often at all.

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