Rode a crf250r today

So I'm an avid 2 stroke guy. I own a 03 yz125 and love it but I rode my friends bike today which is a 2010 FI crf250r. All I have to say is wow, what an awesome bike. Never would've thought I would say this but its the truth. It just keeps pulling and the cockpits really narrow which I love. Has anyone else thought the same as me?

It sounds to me like you're talking about buying into a 4 stroker. I've heard a lot of good things, and of course some bad like break downs. But being one that has always bought and rode 2 stroke, I too would like to check out a four stroke. They seem to have a lot of power from all the you tube video's I've seen them in. Sorry I can't offer much, but I am like you intrigued with owning a new four stroke just to see how well it handles.

I had a 2001 Yz125 before I got my Crf250R. Night and day difference. I'm 5'8" 150lbs and the YZ felt tall and awkward. The CRF has a super slender cockpit, turns on a dime and has tons of power compared to my YZ. Feels much more suited to my height and the 4 stroke thump is awesome. I also love the fuel economy of my CRF compared to the YZ. I can ride twice as far if not more and guess what the best part is? No premix to measure and no splooge to clean off my swing arm :)ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1381036756.952625.jpg

i love it! reliability wise, it wont cost anymore to keep runny then ur yz does if you keep with maintenance, and you do most of the work yourself (its so easy!) the 2010 were known to have a very narrow powerband and so i think you would love a 2013 or so maybe 2012 and then you will see how good they really are...

Same thing happened to my dad. I bought a 2004 crf250 and my dad whi has been 2 stroke his entire life loved it when he rode it. He loved it so much he went and got a crf450. And I'm glad other people realize that if you keep up with maintenance they won't cost much more than a 2 stroke

No they will definately cost more....but its worth every penny.

well if you do the maintenance properly it shouldn't, should get atleast 50hours out of a piston, and over 100 on the stock valves, and then put stainless valves in or some of the other options and your good!

I have both a Yamaha DT200 2 stroke and a CRF250R , I like both bikes , they are so different .I am sure the 4 stroke is more complicated and more expensive maintenance , the power delivery is very different  , the 4 stroke has loads of grunt, I can short shift and it will pull my weight like a train no problem .The DT needs to be revved  to go but is surprisingly quick for a trail bike ( it is not a racer ) and will go for 100+ hours without a rebuild . 

However I am sure if you had an equal size  2 stroke like a YZ250 you would be impressed with the power

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I own a 011 250R and a 06 YZ125 and only ride in the wood. I would rather ride the 125 due to the fun factor. The 250R does everything lots better and easier to ride but it's a little boring compared to the 125.

I just recently made the switch from a CR125 to a CRF250 and am not looking back.

I just recently made the switch from a CR125 to a CRF250 and am not looking back.

I rode my mates 2007 CR125 and couldn't get off quick enough, very boring and don't rev like the YZ.

I'm in the same boat as the OP, rode my first crf250 last week and what a difference from my cr250.  So much more control than my 250 you point it where you want to go and twist the throttle and its soo predictable very easy and very powerful.  I would pick up soo much time switching to a 4 stroke.  


But one thing that the 250f doesnt have that the cr250 gives me all the time is that near death scare haha just never know when its gonna want to throw you into a tree or throw you off the bike completely.  something that the 250f might never have hahaha 

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