86 yamaha bw 200

This was my wife's birthday present. And yes its in the house, I crated it up so she couldn't tell what is was.


sweet. nice  park  ride  or  easy  trail  bike.     looks  to be  in  nice  condition.    enjoy  it..

My wife actual raced one new. Really goes everywhere except mud. Bike is so clean it as close to new as one could be. Planned to restore one all the way but this one did the same thing. Wife just plans to ride on ez stuff, great pit bike. Typo, its actual a 85, too many 80's something here.

Gotta love the bikes we "get for our wifes". A gift for her and us at the same time!

Looks nice.


At different times, I owned one of each size BW:

An 80, a 200, and the 350.

one for sale here in nz atm...an 85 model bw (big wheel) 350,appears to be in gd tidy orig cond for 3k nzd......doesn't look like too much drama to convert an xr or tt 600 to a big wheel version hmmmm

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