Race sag

Does the sub frame have to be removed to adjust the sag on a 2013 KX 450? I don't see any other way , looking for some tips.

Yeah take the subframe off and just move the airbox a little to the side that's the only way I could do it.

No you don't have to remove anything.  I use a Motion Pro Shock spanner tool ($20.00 on ebay).  It is a long punch with a brass tip that does not damage your spanner nut.  It fits right in there from the right side.  Once you loosen the top nut, you can turn the spring by hand, which turns the bottom nut at the same time.  I did this on my 2012 without a problem. 

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go in on the exhaust side you can get a long screw driver between the airbox. i only had my subframe off because i had a shock revalve done and had to reinstall it.

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