Buying new engine

This may be a dumb question but let's say you blew a motor and it cost more to repair the motor itself than a used bike and strip out the motor and do an engine swap. Then you are stuck with a  motor in unknown condition again. Is there a place that sells brand new motor or is the only way to get another motor is to buy a used motor online and swap it out?

You can get brand new crate motors on ebay.

Why not just part out the chassis and buy a new bike?


Did that with my old sled.  Con rod bearing let go, punched a hole in the case in the mag cylinder.  Made a hell of a racket.


I'd have been lucky to get $2k out of that sled, running.  Parting it out, I've made close to twice that.  It put a hefty down payment on my new Pro and bought me a damn nice camera.

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