Direct Injected 2 Stroke Tech and my Dream Bike!

Reading about DFI 2 strokes has got me dreaming! Ski Doo has a 800cc motor putting out 160hp! So thats 80hp per 400cc! Now thats a snowmobile so thats at crank so in a motorcycle lets say 65rwhp now lets take it to the number we 2 stroke guys like 500cc and apply it motor I love CR500 Using DFI we should be able to have 75rwhp easy! Now take a Service Honda CR500AF 214lbs add 10lbs for goodys DFI adds 224lbs 75+wrhp!! That should send the 240lbs 55hp 450s home with tail between legs!

It's super Kool technology

I would love to put one of those 600cc DFI in my FL400 pilot

Clean burning

Never having to worry about jetting

Ya...there sweet

I've never been too concerned with power quantity. I think the big advantage with DI would be the ability to adjust power quality with a laptop and/or handlebar switch or whatever. 


And leave the A out of the F and give me a chromoly or titanium frame. I've not been fooled by the aluminium frame marketing.

I would actually prefer a wider powerband over a higher peak horsepower number. More torque would be nice too. The greatest thing is that I would be able to change from tractor to high strung mx engine with the flick of a switch

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