4stroke v 2stroke maintenance?

So I got a big bore 4 banger but I'm shopping for a cr500 engine wise what are rebuilds periods for a 2stroke I've only ever had 4's.I'm just a recreational rider no racing so only be weekend rides around 3-4hours

You should be able to go a year if not more before you need a top end rebuilt. I can get 60 hours out of a 2 stroke top end even with track riding. Seeing as you won't be revving the piss out of a 500 you should easily be able to hit that number if not go farther.

maintenance on the frame, suspension, linkage and bearings to the chassis will be the same 2 or 4 stroke. 


motor wise, you will have to maintain the fluids and filters at the same intervals


So now internal parts.  2 strokes with power valves have just as many parts as a 4 stroke with cams.  So you will have to pulldown and clean those components.  They don't wear like 4 stroke valves can, but need to be cleaned and maintained.  Now the cr500s don't have power valves, thus even less maintenance and parts.  Thus why they are so popular. 

I get about 90 hrs woods riding before I  put a new single ring in my cr250.


I've seen 3 KTM 300 owners go 300 hrs between top ends.

Don't see why a 500 can't go at least that much if all you're doing is just woods riding.

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