Tool advice

Hi guys and girls, Im looking for some advice on what tools to buy im looking for a compresson tester and a tool to measure cylinder bores. Any help or options would be appreciated!!

Depends on how much you want to spend. On the less expensive side, start with Harbor Freight Tools. They have ok stuff for low prices, the tool might not last as long but it will be cheap to replace. On the other side, go with Snap-on tools or another main brand.

Snap-on all the way, last a lifetime or 2 0r 3. Buy American!!

depends how much you want to spend. a single good micromiter could run you 300 bucks.


Motion-pro comp testers are good. easy to find on ebay or most bike shops.

Thanks for the imput ill have a look at the motion pro comp tester, thanks for that. Im not looking to spend 300 bucks i just need to be able to check if its ok to rebore and what piston to buy, + test to see if they have done the job right in the end. I was considering snap gauges or a dial bore guage around the 100 to 150 mark, iv got a ok set of vernier calipers but thats about it.

For the micrometer, get a good one. It will last you years. Think of it as a lifelong investment

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