What and why???  And why no chicks in bikinis?

salt water too

Why would anyone want to do that??

Not good

I can imagine the advertisement now, I reckon it'd read like this:


201X KTM/Yamaha/Honda 450 for sale. Never been raced, new top end and has just been serviced by a mechanic.


Bike has never been thrashed, serious offers only.

That's Red Bull Sea to Sky race. I'd do it.

Those bikes are bound for the scrap yard. Unless they plan on pulling it apart straight away and power hosing everything.

for a race like that you arent using your super nice race bike. you know it could be getting totalled. Im with wouldsassassin id totally do it!

What is the point of that? That is just plain stupid!

There's nothing cool about that, unless the bikes were free.

What is the point of that? That is just plain stupid!



I think a better question is what's the point of doing hundreds of laps around a motocross track?




I understand some of you have been trapped between the rows of tuff-blocks. The racing is called "Hard Enduro" and outside of an arena is the fastest growing segment of motorcycle racing (Endurocross is growing even faster). 



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