125cc Trail Bike ?'s

Hi everyone,

I'm planning on getting a mx and have a few questions about 125 as a trail bike.  I'm 33 (pains me to type that) 5"5' 150lbs.  I used to ride many many years ago and would rip on my Bro's cr125 all the time.  Now I'm wanting to do some trail riding and the occasional rip at the local mx track.  I want to buy a used bike and spend the winter upgrading it to a killer trail bike.


I'm pretty set on a smoker for simplicity and cheaper running costs but not ruling out a four-stroke.  Bikes I've been eying up are 2006 + RM125 which seem to be plentiful and reviews say it's very nimble which is a plus.  The KTM 125 & 150 sx are also on the radar.  YZ's are pretty much out due to seat height.




What mods to a 125 would be recommended for trail use & what are some leading brands I should be looking at?  Pro Circuit etc.


Lowering?  1st priority would be chopping the seat down and getting spacers put in the suspension.  Can anyone recommend a good shop in Ontario to do suspension setup and engine work.


Opinions on 125 vs 250F's as trail bike.  Should I consider a 250F?  The guys I will be riding with have 450F's.


Thank you in advance for your recommendations



For a trail bike, I would look at more trail oriented bikes. KTM 200's kdx 200/220, maybe even a WR125. At 5'5, unless you have short legs, you won't have that big of a problem with seat height. In ON, for engine work definitely go to Bondi in Auroura. For suspension, I don't really know. Ross Rocher used to due that kind of stuff, but he's done with it now.

Yep. 200 FTW, its what they were made for. Apart from getting the suspension done to your weight and style you wont really have to do anything to it to make it 'killer'


I've taken mine to the track, and its the rider than limits the 200EXC, not the 200EXC that limits the rider. The torque is great, could do with more top end pull for the track.


I've read that you get a better pipe Ie: fatty, and a bigger carby off an earlier model 200 to achieve this.


Stock mine has way more than a 125. Torque, rideability and power in general. In a straight line, you will feel like you aren't going anywhere on a 125 compared to the 200.


I've tried this with YZ, KX and CR 125s. I've also seen them struggle with bog up some slow hill climbs (where you can't go any faster unless you're pretty damn talented). They are fine anywhere else though. 

thanks for the suggestions.

There is an mx track nearby and they have a race series as well which is why I'm leaning more towards an mx bike.  I'm going to check it out this weekend.  I was talking to a guy that races there and he said it's really relaxed, fun place to ride and isn't overly 'serious' racing by any means.  I could see myself getting into some fun racing for sure.


A 250F is starting to look like a better all-rounder for the type of riding I want to do which is some bashing around the local trails and likely some racing too.  After some more research, a 125 might not be the best choice for someone that's been off a bike for a long time.

My son is 15 and 5'6" on a RM125 for trail ridings.  Some of the hill climbs suck.  Just got to pin it.  It has 8oz of flywheel weight.  It works but not the best coice for a trail bike.


Run what ya brung.

Get a KTM 200. My buddy and his dad both ride one and they are a great bike for the trail that you can take to the track. I know other people will, but I would'nt recomment a 250f for the trails. not enough low end, heavier than the small 2 strokes, harder to start, and expensive (I have had 3 friends that had engine failures with 250f's...now on 2 strokes), My buddy has a 2011 YZ250f and he hates it, The rest of our group is on GasGas's Husaberg's and KTM's 2 strokes and when he jumps on any of them he just says he cant believe how much better it is. My buddy got his 08 KTM200 for like $2000 and its a great bike, i absolutely recommend it. Also in my area everyone stayed on or is back on 2 strokes in the woods, and I ride with a couple   pro GNCC racers also.

200 EXC's, KDX's and WR/DTs bring the win.


That is all.



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