KTM 450XCW or Husaberg 390FE

I am having trouble deciding which bike. The ktm is a 2008 450xc-w and the Husberg is a 2011 390FE. The husaberg is $1k more. But both are very well maintained and already have all the extras that I would want to add anyways. When I ride it is usually with both of these bikes so I know how they are treated. I don't know much about the Husaberg bikes tho and worry that I should go with the older but bigger ktm because of my weight of 225 lb. I am coming from a DRZ . Any input is appreciated, thanks

I don't have much experience riding these bikes.  A friend of mine has many bikes and believes his KTM450EXC is too big for tight woods riding.  Another friend has a 2010 husaberg 570 and loves it in the woods but it tends to overheat.  I think it overheats because the engine size is too big unless your very fast.  I wouldn't worry about engine size.  I have a DRZ and  a WR250F.  The WR is less powerfull, but I can ride it  a lot faster in the woods and mx track.  Its not as fast on roads, but I don't need to go 80 on dirt roads anymore.

I'd choose the Husaberg just because it's a little bit different.  Everyone is going Orange.

Husaberg for sure.  2008 was a terrible year for the KTM 4 strokes, all kinds of problems.  The Husabergs are great bikes.  I had a 2009 FE570 for 3 years and it never let me down, or overheated for that matter, despite riding on the toughest single track in Ohio, WV, Colorado, and Utah.  The only thing to watch out for on these bikes is the fuel pump.  A bunch of my friends with 2010's had failures because there was a batch batch of pumps manufactured that year.   That is sorted out now with the newest pumps, so if you ever have a failure, the new pump should be good for a very long time.  What ever 4 stroke you end up with, make sure it has a cooling fan, and shut the bike off if you are sitting still for any period of time (except at stop lights, lol). 

Both are good bikes but are VERY different in the handling department....The Bergs with the 70degree engines feel very light and very vague. I like the front wheel to feel planted and track well, 2 things the Husaberg will not do. The KTM on the other hand is a BIG bike. It feels big and heavy but feels extremely stable. You will not be able to turn inside the Berg but down some long fire roads the KTM wins. The KTM also comes with the back-up kickstart but I don't remember me using it much....The Berg comes with the HO stator and can power a lot of things where as you will have to upgrade the KTMs....The KTM will feel better if your taller due to the more open cockpit...


As for your weight, both bikes will pull you with little to no issues.....The DRZ is not even comparable to these bikes but the KTM will feel more familiar coming off the DRZ.

  What ever 4 stroke you end up with, make sure it has a cooling fan, and shut the bike off if you are sitting still for any period of time (except at stop lights, lol). 

My friend doesn't have a cooling fan. 

I would choose the 390

Stay away from any used KTM 450's until 2011.

They all had serious problems.

id say go for the 390,you can't go wrong with it,smooth and likely twice as much power as your dr

Hi all !  We have both  2008 and 2009 450exc's . We have upgraded the oil pump gears on both bikes , took about 2 hours each . We have absolutely no problems with either bike . About 160 hours on the 2009 and 185 hours on the 2008 . I wouldnt hestate to buy another .  

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