squawking clutch



Bought a new 2013 450sxf a couple weeks ago.


I love the bike's feeling and fit; just needed a couple of heats to adapt to the ergonomics coming from Honda 450.


One thing I noticed is the bike (clutch) is squawking when engaging (only when the engine is hot)

Other than that the clutch operates flawlessly.

You guys have experienced this too?

I'm not worried but curious.





My 13 250f did it first time today , 35 hours use

I've had a few clutches squawk. A YZs 125 and a KTM 250 2T. Both were being abused heavily at the time and both were a little thin on friction material on the clutch plates.

If the 450 is new, maybe you need to get the stiffer Bellevue washer/spring.

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