Help please!...Hard starting yz426

I have a 2000. I did a light porting job, hotcams I&E, ive tried stock, 45 &48 pilot jets, tried air fuel screw at numberous locations. Takes me many many kicks to even get it to start usually not staying on. I have stock exhaust as well. Compression and spark are there. Checked valves and they are good. Air filter is clean and am running no lid with mesh screen removed in airbox as well. Im at 630 ft elevation. What am I doing wrong? Whats next? I cant tune it to what it needs if I can get it to even!...

Someone has to know at least what to look for. I can't believe nobody said anything yet about it. :ph34r:

I'm certainly no expert, but I was having the same issues with mine. It turns out my local gas station was putting ethanol in the 93 octane gas. I've been adding octane booster ever since and it seems to like it much better. Like I said, no expert, but it couldn't hurt to try.

I also assume you are conducting the 426 starting ritual- these suckers are all notorious hard starters.

Hopefully the av gas will make her come alive!

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