Ktm 450-530 2012 are they reliable?

Ktm 450-530 2012 are they reliable?

They never made a 530 in 2012. The 530 became the 500exc/xcw. And yes, their reliable....

Oh ok must be an 2011 registered in 2012 and just I have heard of overheating and burning oil

In earlier models they had a oil seal, oil transfer problems but they had been fixed in later years.....Some bikes worked great with no issues, a few others not so fortunate. That being said I had a 08 530 with 270hrs in it before I sold it with no issues....


Here's some info on the issue...and a solution. If its a 2011 the problems seemed to be fixed....



Overheating issues can be caused be a multitude of things....from lean jetting, slow technical trails, low coolant in rads, plugged rads etc etc. If all things are good, the simple solution is a fan kit....I have run them on both my 530 and 500 and they have worked awesome.....

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Cheers mate bn thinking about getn a 450-530 but didnt want to pay all that money to get problems so earlie on av had my kxf 450 2012 now and got 180 hours of hard trail riding and it's never missed a beat ;)

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