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07-11 WR 450 parts that fit on 12+WR450?

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Is the rear hub the same?

I think the front hub is different bc of Triple Clamps are wider.

What about the pegs?

Skid plate?

Radiator guards?

Scott's Tower Mount on steering stem?


Front and rear hubs are the same.


Pegs will fit unless in low-boy position....will require some work.


Acerbis plastic skid plate fit just fine


Don't think the rad guards will fit.


Scott's pin tower will need to be replaced with YZ250F version. Bar clamps and damper mout will obviously work.


Wheel spacers, axel blocks, sprockets, etc. all fit.


Rear springs are shorter on the new bike so you will need a spring compressor of some sort to get the older shock springs on the shock. Fork springs are obviously different.


Get the 2012+...you will not regret it.

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Clutch is the same too.

I'm sure I will have one eventually. I'm setting that GG XC300 up at the moment for a dedicated race bike. However, there are things I really like about the WR and don't want to give them up. I Like the motor, reliability, and stability. Feel safe on it.

I'm also realizing that I've had my WR's plated since 2009 and have never used it for much DS locally like I thought I would. I mainly DS when I go on Vacation out West twice a year. So I can see getting a 2014/15 next summer and setting it up just as a no compromise race bike. Throw the DS Kit on it twice a year. Or use our Jeep. We just tricked out our Jeep and will be using that instead of the bike in Colorado now.

I'm also considering a 14 YZ450 w/Rekluse for racing only.

For now, I just want to be on the fastest one in the woods. I'm color blind and would ride a chinese bike if I was faster on it. It may be that Gas Gas 300. I'll have it pretty well dialed in by Thanksgiving. I have 3 Enduros bt now and then. Fresh revalved suspension, correct springs, and a new stabilizer will be used on next ride. So I'm expecting great things next weekend. I'm going to spend 1day on suspension/chassis/jetting setup. Day 2 will be head to head against my 09 WR, in timed test sections. Going to use the same 3 mile test loop. I'm quite curious about the times. I have a suspicion that the times won't be that far apart when it is all said and done.

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Well thank your President for shutting down the forest for no reason.

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