08 ktm450 xcr-w No Spark Problem...

So I have been dealing with my KTM not starting recently (about 2 months)..This is how it goes..The bike starts fine at the begining of the day or whenver the motor is cold. After I get done riding  say to the store or whatever, I would come back and the bike wouldnt start.  I would give it a few minutes and it would start right back up first time. If you kill the motor and start it immediatly back up, it would start no problems, only when it would sit for a few minutes after you rode it would it not start. Btw, the motor turns but just no spark. The problem went from a few minutes wait to a few hours wait, it kept getting worse and worse and the other day I went to start it up and no spark, I checked my ignition coil, plug, cap, and off switch, on a different bike and its fine. I guess it could only be the CDI, pulse generator, or stator(not sure if this has anything to do with it)? Does anyone know the voltage checks or resistants checks for these? There is 0 spark, I didnt even feal a tingle at my fingers while trying to shock myself.

Edited by nathan.bryden

so this ended up being a pulse generator for anyone looking at this later

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