Im a little biased, ok. But I really think the future of racing in BAJA will look like pure navigation rally. Andy thinks so too




After 2 days and 285 miles of pure navigation, Quinn Cody enjoyed a 15 min lead until Quinns motor blew up 10 miles from the finish in San Quintin. 


Andy beat Cameron Steele by only 6 seconds.


Chilly got third
When was the last time results were posted this fast in a BAJA race?


Oh yea I forgot, this isn't a race. Its the BAJA RALLY


I hate Andy Grider.... he he... no really I do

Looks like you and Chilly rode your ass's off! Nice work BD

Looks like you and Chilly rode your ass's off! Nice work BD

Thanks and yeah it was pretty cool but weird going fast and then sitting down to read. Chilly was really solid and I have to say that Scotty was right that we would see a lot we had not seen and be confused as to where we were and where we were supposed to go!

confused as to where we were and where we were supposed to go!

“If you don’t go when you want to go, when you do go you’ll find you’ve gone.” – World’s Fastest Indian

Good time ,,,GREAT PEOPLE,,,,my favorite was old BMW ,,,,,,some great looking rally bikes too,,,,,,,,,proud to been a part of it thats for sure.

got a few crappy iphone photos Saturday morning - 


you know you put on a baller event when a helicopter shows up.  congrats scotty.  So when is the next race??















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I have to say that I am a convert to rally racing. I had to learn a lot and quick, but I got the hang of it. It is very similar to riding an enduro in some aspects. It was certainly a legit race too. There was plenty of competition and lots of tired riders at the finish. My local knowledge helped a little, but got me in trouble too. Of the four times I got off course, three were because I "thought" I knew where we were headed. I may have finished better if I had no idea where we were.


Overall it was steady riding and lots of learning and concentration. I am ready to do it again.



As a lowly sweep rider I may not have had the full on Race experiance but I did have one of the most epic two days of riding with Sunday falling into the Best Ever type days. Thank you Anna Cody, if anyone could ever plan a motor to blow your location was perfect in every way! Good Times.

Well Done Scotty, well done!!


If Rally is the future.....I'm all for it........let's just not tell the car guys about it   :cool:

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