2003 XR 80 Carb cleaned but idle too fast

I appologize if I have posted this incorrectly, new to forums. I have a 2003 XR80 that was running a little rough after sitting for ew years. My son took the carb apart and soaked it in carb cleaner over night. when he put it back together it starts but it idles at what seems like is 3/4 throttle and has white smoke coming from exhaust. When you adjust the choke off it slows the idle some but still too high. When the gas is left on and the motor is off the fuel leaks out of the overflow tube.


I know he also cleaned each jet while he was in there. Could something have been eaten away during the soak, or is there something else vervious that should be checked. Thanks in advance.

Check that the carb slide is not rotated 180 degrees

Check that the carb slide is not rotated 180 degrees

That was it, thanks a bunch.

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