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i installed the computer on my bike recently,and cannot get it to read the correct MPH. i programmed the wheel size of 2108mm in,and it seems ok when i spin it on the stand.i figured it would take 377 rotations to go .5 miles and it read .49. so no big deal, but when i ride it is way off,saying im going 55mph or so when Im going alot slower(20-25mph). what could the problem be? and what wheel sizes do you use with your tt comps? :)

My MPH was off when I installed mine. Placement of the sensor is key. If not in the correct position it will double read and basically double your mph. The magnet has to pass along one end of the sensor or the other. Not the middle. This may or may not be your problem since you think the mileage is correct. Looks like it would double that also.

Ditto. Placement of the sensor is critical and I recommend deviating from the instructions location to find a reliable single reading. I mounted mine the first time according to the manual and got the same thing. I remounted it by 3/8" off of the instructions and it works very reliably. :)

thanks, that is what the problem was. moved the sensor 3/8 and it works fine now. thank god for TT.

Glad we could help. TT is the best forum going! Great guys that are all willing to help. Real diverse bunch as well. You are sure to get all sides of an opinion here except when it comes to Greenies. :):D

Cool, I'll keep it in mind. I bought one almost a year ago and it still sets in my nighstand in the box. I'll get to it this summer I guess. :):D

TMT, how did you license it without the speedo?? :) I have mine too but it will be a month before Imuster th will to re install it on my sweet new YZ front end. :D Im L-A-Z-Y :D

Thanks this info will help!

TMT, how did you license it without the speedo?? :D I have mine too but it will be a month before I muster th will to re install it on my sweet new YZ front end. :) Im L-A-Z-Y :D

Thanks this info will help!

LOL, yeah, considring they dont even allow dual sport conversions in my state after 2000, how did I do it? :D Well, I bought it out of state, just south of me, then brought it in as an already road plated bike. My state quit doing inspections on vehicles coming in, so it was a snap. It has nothing else added to make it road legal, just says it is on the title. I wanted it this way for hitting a few forest service roads, even some asphalt instead of pushing (I hate pushing a perfectly good running bike :D) I will probably add the rear veiw mirror (those Acerbis flip up ones) and eventually, the trail tech computer, but I'm in no hurry, especially since the temp here hasnt rose over about 30 degrees today with snow in the forecast for the next week. :DOlympia.gif

Bingo !

Had the same problem, and when I remounted the sensor a bit farther from the pick up unit it showed the correct figure.

I have had a nightmare with my Trail Tech Computer. The first one fried the battery after two days. After returning it to the factory they admitted something was wrong with it and sent a replacement. The replacment was "referbished." Guess what. It stopped working after the fifth ride. It is going back to the company again. Even if I wanted to go to something else, I am stuck using it because I did the mods on my Scott's Triple Clamp to make the Billet holder fit. I am kinda bump out about this. Has anyone else had similar problems?

Mine has always worked. No issues with funciton. Only complaint I have is having to carry around the instructions to program it and the Top Speed is usually way off like 184 mph :). I think its from having the front wheel off the ground after hitting rocks or something?

A friend of mine had an issure with incorrect readins on his and it turned out to be a split in the wire caseing for the sensor up by the comp unit where the wire goes from thick to thin and it was from incorrect wire routeing. Just be careful when your routeing the sensor wire up behind the headlite area. Take your front fork action into consideration :)

Smoke :D

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