Single track two up

My kid finally finished his rider safety certificate, so we load up the bikes and head out. We get to the trailhead and his KX60 has some carb probz. So we made some stirrups from straps threw 'em over the tank and rode 15 miles of single track two-up. Still had a good time, but we really gotta get that carb cleaned.http://010_zpsc327e17e.jpg











Bummer about the little bike.  But, you made the best of it.

Yea, his bike ran fine last time out. Maybe a bit of dirt or ??? It actually went really well except we kept banging helmets, and whenever we got to some whoops, he kept wanting to stand up in the straps. He's 10 years old though, so we 'ain't gonna get away with that much longer.

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