Bought a 06 CRF250r and have some problems!

So i traded my 400ex quad for this 06 honda crf250r knowing that it needed some work but what did i really get myself in to? I have a bolt thats snapped and now it's leaking oil.




I'd say drain the oil (both crank and tranny) because you'll want to change the fluids regardless. Then loosen and remove the remainder of the left side case bolts and carefully pull the cover. I say carefully because if the gasket is not baked on and gets stuck on both halves of the case, you can remove the case and re-use the existing gasket.

*Hopefully* the bolt that snapped off, fractured just below the head, hence the remainder of the bolt will still be sticking out of the case. Grab the stub with vise grips and remove the broken bolt. If it's broken off sub-surface of the case, well then it's drill and EZ-Out time. A bit challenging but doable. I've done several over the years. Good time to put in a new oil filter too.


Not sure of the overall condition and maintenance of the bike, but might also be a good time to pull the valve cover off and check the valve shim clearance. 

Then, appears to me anyways, that some of the oil at the case seam might be coming from the cylinder base bolt. It may need to be re-torqued. But if the cylinder-to-case gasket is blown, then it will be a bit more involved. Or the oil that is at the cylinder base bolt may just be creeping up from the case where the broken bolt is.


Get yourself a manual too. A lot of the work that sounds difficult is not so tough once you dig into it.



BTW, bolt kits, filters, manuals, gaskets etc. are abound on ebay. I have done some very economical rebuilds scrounging parts off of ebay.

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if i can't get that bolt out what am i looking at? 

if i can't get that bolt out what am i looking at? 

with an ezyout you can get any bolt out. if not then you would need to drill it out and re tap it or buy a new case.

If you drill it, use a reverse bit. You might get lucky and the broken bolt will spin out while your drilling.

Start small, take your time, and use plenty of oil while drilling.

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